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I discovered Obsidian and I love it

Six months ago, I made a discovery that has revolutionized my note-taking game. It’s called Obsidian, and it’s a note-taking software that’s unlike any other.

It’s free and available here:

At first glance, Obsidian might look like your typical note-taking app, but it’s so much more than that. Obsidian is all about customization and making your note-taking experience, just yours. That’s why it’s such a powerful tool for anyone who takes notes, whether you’re a student, writer, or just someone who likes to write things down.

One of the things I love most about Obsidian is how easy it is to write and organize notes. The interface is clean and uncluttered, which makes it easy to focus on what’s important. You can add tags and links to your notes, which makes it super easy to find related content later on. And because Obsidian stores all your notes in Markdown files, you can easily export your notes if you ever decide to switch to another software.

A second brain!

Obsidian team mention on their website:

A second brain,
for you, forever. 

I heard about the zettelkasten method. This method consists of a collection of notes that are organized according to a system of cross-referencing and indexing. The notes can be about anything, from ideas and insights to quotations and references. The key to zettelkasten is that each note is atomic, meaning that it contains only one idea or piece of information.

To be honest, I didn’t really use it that way! But I kept some logic! My daily notes, my project note, I’m rewriting note in a more readable format. First, it gives me an impression of control, which it’s already very cool. I don’t fear to lose anything, and I can read my discoveries and thought when I want to. (If it’s not useful, no worries)

A ton of plugin

The magic is not Obsidian by itself! There is a ton of plugin to improve the tool! for example:

  • Dataview to query your note like SQL does on a database
  • Daily note and calendar to write your note on a daily basis and maybe structure them later
  • Webpage HTML Export to export your note on HTML format and keep the beautiful design of your obsidian theme. and many more (for free)