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Hey you want to know who I am?

With Lazysnail, I wanted to create a place where I can find my toolbox and share my discoveries around Microsoft BI technologies and geek stuff.


A few years ago, I started to share my knowledge with a young colleague. Day after day, I understood that I had more pleasure to explain and see his crazy improvement instead of doing by myself. This guy was not Lazy and slow like a snail, but I gave him this little nickname Lazy snail. This how I took the name for my blog and all my activities. 

What’s the story?


I’m not only a Star Schema defender, but I also love when code is well aligned. My Windows desktop is clean, and if I don’t disable desktop icons, then you can only see my recycle bin icon.

I have a strong developer background in multiple (funny or not) languages. Life has led me from code to the Business Intelligence world.

Often, I still have to answer this question: Why did I go so far and denial my own nature?

Well, it’s not so far! Databases, SQL Queries, BI technologies don’t share the same logic but definitely the same patterns.

    Clean your code
    Do not repeat your code
    Keep complexity understandable
    Think about performance
    Do not forget your users

Anyway, for all of these reasons, I’m a BI developer!

and my life?

I’m strange, but my passion is my job! Not you?? Then you should give a try to Power BI!

I have 2 kids: Pauline and Antoine who are the best and the worst things in my life. Dear parents, do you understand my thoughts?

I like running and all the sharing moments you can have in this community. I did multiple Marathon and Half Marathon, my pleasure is to fight myself and cross the finish line.