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Power BI Interview questions: a different way to know your applicants

One day you will have to recruit or will be involved in a recruitment process for a Power BI position. Nobody knows everything about a tool or a subject, that’s also why our job is fun, we never stop to learn.

Asking very precise questions aren’t always the best solution, I think it’s also nice to ask “open” questions. It’s a way to learn from your applicant and to understand how they will deal with their daily job. I tried to write a list of questions I would like to ask (and maybe, yes, to answer)


Questions list

  • What are the different languages used in Power BI? Can you explain their usage?
  • Do you know one data modeling concept? If yes, can you explain it in your words?
  • We have to transform our data, where and how can we do it?
  • What’s the difference between these two visuals: Table and Matrix
  • By dragging and dropping a field in the Values area we can create implicit measures. Could you give me a shortlist of different aggregation functions available?
  • We want to implement security in our data. Do you know a way to hide some data to a group of users?
  • When we select a table in Power BI desktop, we have an option called “Mark as date table”. Do you know why?
  • Users can filter data in multiple ways! Can you give me some examples?
  • Do you know what Power BI Datasets are, and why would you use them?
  • Power BI community gives us a lot of different External tools, do you know some of them?
  • I’m the IT manager and I never heard about Power BI before. Can you explain to me what it does and what’s the gain to use it?
  • If you know DAX, can you give me 3 functions that you use the most?
  • We are wondering if we need to buy Power BI Premium, do you know which functionalities are available in Premium?
  • When you need to build a report, where do you start your journey?
  • Which points are the most important to not fail a Power BI project?
  • You start a new project, your first mission is to reduce the size of the dataset. Which are the different operations you will perform?

It exists already a ton of different lists of questions available on the internet, I wanted to break the rule with a different kind of question.

If you want to add more questions to the list, feel free to send me a message.