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LazyDAX: a Power BI File for your presentation, discoveries, or learn DAX

I created LazyDAX to:

  • Present interesting Power BI discoveries to my colleagues and clients
  • Test my DAX Measures with a simple, concrete and very clean Star schema
  • Discover multiple DAX Functions and test them
  • Show different Power BI features by examples

Download on GitHub

You can change it, publish it and do whatever you want with it. It contains data and is designed in a Star schema model. You don’t need to connect on a server and can change the data, because I used the “Enter Data” method.

It contains:

DAX: I organized multiple Measure in the same way Microsoft present all the DAX functions in their folders. It was an efficient way for me to test it all.

Visuals: On different pages, I used all the existing visuals, and tried to provide you some ideas to build a more fancy report.

Test it here


I spent a lot of my free time on it, and in this new version I changed the look n’feel and try a dark mode report. (Yes, it’s also a playground for me to test Power BI) I created it more than 4 years ago now, but I still use it every week. (If not every day) I can use it for my presentation, and help people with DAX. I hope it can help you too, and would really enjoy hearing your thoughts, ideas and requests.

You can also view all different pages in this PDF file